Neromaestri Lambrusco

This wine is a blend of 70% Lambrusco Maestri and 30% Lambrusco Grasparossa from Emilia-Romagna in Italy. The grapes are farmed organically and bio-dynamically with no added chemicals. The fermentation is completely natural with no added yeast and the wine is bottled unfiltered for a secondary natural fermentation. This Lambrusco enters the mouth with a burst of fizzy, intense dark and red cherries. The finish is firm and fleshy with some tannins and spicy notes. Serve slightly chilled with charcuterie or on its own during a hot summer day. You can’t go wrong either way with a great price of $25.99.



Barbadillo Pedro Ximenez

This sherry is aged for several years using the classic “solera” system which involves the constant blending of fresh sherry with the aged sherry remaining in the barrels. The result is a very rich, sumptuous and thick dessert sherry. It has rich prune and raisin flavours, with notes of almonds, vanilla and caramel. It is perfect for dessert and an incredible value at under $30 for a 750ml bottle.

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Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…
…like Tanya Creek craft beer!

e0ca5e9a-724d-4fe0-b6e8-e502b6c6431bHop Ride India Pale Ale
is medium bodied and aggressively hopped using a technique called ‘dry-hopping’ which adds a nice delicate citrus aroma. Combine that with Magnum & Summit hops to kick up the bitterness, and Cascade hops for a floral bouquet. You get a well balanced and very drinkable American IPA.

d51ffb6e-072e-4c33-8b38-eba855104e73Bonanza Brown Ale
is a malty brown ale with dark amber hues. There’s a velvety smooth body with a light bitter finish from the Chinook hop. The brewers have balanced the bitterness with a hint of spiciness while using Tettang hops to give this ale a pleasurable aroma.


Alley Kat Summer Releases
Friday, June 9th – 3 p.m. ’til 6 p.m.

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SCHANK’D IT  — Berliner Weisse falls into a category of beers called Schankbier, which is an encompassing term for low alcohol beer in Germany. Traditionally this style is an effervescent wheat ale that is light, sour, and refreshing.  Alley Kat used a unique blend of lactobacillus cultures to sour this Berliner Weisse. To compliment the sourness, they partnered with their friends at Acquired Taste Tea Company to source hibiscus flowers. The flowers turn this wheat ale a beautiful shade of rosy pink, and as a bonus, they make us feel pretty.

SUNBURST SESSION ALE — Alley Kat’s summer seasonal is a light, unfiltered session ale with bright notes of fresh pineapple and citrus fruit. Citra hops provide a juicy and refreshing flavour with no accompanying bitterness. Thirst quenching and easy to drink, we think this might just be your new patio beer.

Phillips Stump Coastal Forest Gin & Tonic
Friday, June 23rd – 3 p.m. ’til 6 p.m.


Created entirely in-house at the Phillips dd7e54c9-8f0f-4e6d-aba0-2505dcbd5628Fermentorium. The low wines are first distilled on a 1920’s British-made still affectionately christened ‘Old George’ before being refined in a new German-built refractory still. Finally, the gin is redistilled with BC-grown botanicals creating a spirit featuring a rich velvety mouth feel and punctuated with coastal rainforest flavours. It’s a gin that is not only influenced by the BC environment, but actually made from it!



Phillips is very excited to announce the release of four brand new hand-crafted tonics! The second product to emerge from the Phillips Fermentorium, these tonics are made without any artificial flavours or liquid sugars. Instead, real ingredients and time-honoured extraction techniques endow the tonics with full, natural flavours, and balance tart with the subtle sweetness of raw cane sugar.

Canadian Wine Tasting
Saturday, July 1 – 3 p.m. ’til 6 p.m.


Join us on Canada Day to celebrate our country and its incredible wines!

Large Format / Italian Vintage Sale!

Check out these one-of-a-kind items you won’t find anywhere else in the city!

  • c7e09f80-7466-42b4-b0b5-e35a73f8643eGaja Sori San Lorenzo 1.5L $699.95
  • Gaja Costa Russi Langhe 2004 $439.95
  • Castello Rampolla Dalceo 2004 $139.45
  • Le Macchiole Scrio 2003 $129.95
  • Ferro Toscana 2011 $99.95
  • Altesino Brunello 2003 $94.95
  • Siro Pacenti Brunello 2003 $89.95
  • Don Melchor Cab Sauv 2003 1.5L $155.95
  • Don Melchor Cab Sauv 2003 6L $479.95
  • Don Melchor Cab Sauv 2003 9L $719.95