A Winery Walkabout in Historic Rutherglen

Our first wine feature of June is the Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen Topaque, a fortified wine from the Rutherglen region in Australia. If you haven’t heard of a Topaque before, you’re not alone - the style is very rare, and this is the only Rutherglen Topaque in all of Alberta at the moment!

The Rutherglen Winery Walkabout happens the second Monday of June to coincide with the Queen’s birthday (June 6 in 2020). Since 1974, thousands of people have descended on Rutherglen for one of the biggest wine festivals in the country. This year, the festival has gone virtual, so play along with our virtual walkabout of this historic wine region, learn about uncommon grapes and get to know this truly unique wine style so you have a story to share when you serve the Rutherglen Topaque for dessert at your next dinner.