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April Ale-berta: 70 Acre Brewing

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this monthly feature, we pick a different Alberta brewery that we carry in-store to highlight their incredible brews being made close to home!

Our April Ale-berta feature is 70 Acre Brewing —Strathcona County’s first locally owned brewery! 70 Acre’s owners— Michelle Dixon and Lindsay Pennock—have combined their hospitality experience, passion for locally brewed beer, and love for Sherwood Park to bring you 70 Acre Brew Co.

A fairly new brewery, 70 Acre opened in 2021 and offers an assortment of beer styles with 10 varieties on tap and new flavours featured seasonally. Much of the barley they use in their beer is sourced directly from Pennock’s family farm in central Alberta, inspiring the 70 Acre name.

Here are the beers we currently have in stock from 70 Acre brewing.

Bossman Lager

Influenced by lager styles from Japan, Germany and the American prohibition. This light bodied, golden lager is their original brew. It has a malt forward backbone that is accentuated by a crisp, dry finish.

Firehouse Kolsch

Pale, crisp and refreshing traditional German ale. Brewed with meticulous attention and 100% Alberta Barley. Clear and golden in appearance and light in body. Expect a floral bouquet on the nose and a crisp, refreshing, doughy finish.

Raspberry Sour

This sour offers up a rich, natural, bold, raspberry flavour that will remind you of grandma’s jam. Expect a subtle note of biscuit to emerge in the background as it warms. It is slightly sweet with a tart, refreshing, finish

Hendazed and Confused Hazy Pale Ale

A bold, yet approachable, hop forward ale. Clouded in appearance, medium in body and rich in texture. Generous additions of bright, exotic hops that conjure a deluge of melon, tangerine and citrus. Layered within grassy bitterness that recedes with each sip.

India Pale Ale

At 6.1%, the 70 Acre IPA is remarkably approachable. A blend of 5 different hops gives way to a redolence of citrus, sweet tropical fruit, floral bouquets, stone fruit and subtle, woodsy pine. Expect a refreshing finish with a very tolerable amount of bitterness.

Visit us in-store to check out these 70 Acre beers for yourself!

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