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August Ale-berta Feature: New Level Brewing

In our newest monthly feature, we pick a different Alberta brewery that we carry in-store to highlight their incredible brews being made close to home!

This month’s Ale-berta feature is New Level Brewing! Located in Calgary, the brewery was founded by Drew and James Ross in 2018. The Ross brothers decided to start their own brewery while attending Maryland Deathfest. In between death metal sets, they ended up spending a lot of time in their hotel room drinking boldly flavoured American craft beers: insanely bitter IPAS, unreal dessert stouts, and high gravity barley wines.

The beers were so unbelievably good, they thought to themselves: “Why can’t we drink like this at home? Maybe we should just start a brewery that makes what we like to drink?”

In homage to their origins, the Ross boys pair their beers with metal sounding names and graphics. New Level Brewing bends the rules of the style guidelines to create bold beers that are just a bit different from what you may have had before. They refuse to compromise the quality of their beer or release anything that they don’t love themselves. They stand by the notion that craft beer should be fun and approachable for everyone.

Here are some of the latest beer arrivals from New Level available in store now!

Berserker Blonde

Berserker is clean and easy drinking for those new to craft beer, but also sophisticated and nuanced for the craft beer nerds. Crisp, clean and refzreshing, yet badass enough that they named it after the ancient Viking warriors. With a lighter IBU and a balanced malt profile, the Berserker is the perfect session beer. Oats are added for a fuller body and additional sweetness. Berserker Blonde can be paired with almost anything. Its crispness makes it the perfect palette cleanser between bites. We love drinking it with spicy food.

Heavy Metal Horchata

New Level’s take on the wonderful dessert-like beverage found throughout South America. A crisp pale ale is sweetened with milk sugar and then conditioned on copious amounts of cinnamon, almonds, and vanilla beans. The end result is pastry in a glass. Enjoy this one after your dinner for the perfect dessert. Have it with another pastry. You deserve it.

Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard tastes as much fun as it looks. Pouring a vivid pinkish red, it’s loaded with raspberries and Pinball has a bright, tart acidity balanced out by the sweetness of the milk sugar. It’s delicious fuschia fun for sour lovers. Super fruity sours like this are usually best all on their own, but Pinball Wizard goes great with candy and other fun snacks.

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