Big bottles are better

What is better than 750 ml of wine? Well, 1,500 ml of course! Occasionally, a winemaker will decide a particular wine is tasting particularly good and it will get bottled in a 1,500 ml size bottle known as a magnum. Wine bottle sizes go up to well over 9 L, but magnums are really the perfect ‘bonus’ ⁠— big enough to be special, but not so big that it’s scary for normal enjoyment!

Aside from just looking good and being very impressive on a dinner table, there are actual scientific reasons as to why drinking from magnum will give you a better wine experience.

Wine Ages More Slowly

The cork on a magnum bottle is the same size as on a regular 750ml bottle, so the air to wine ratio is half that of a regular bottle. Air (namely oxygen) is what ages wine, so the juice in a magnum bottle will taste only half as aged as the same wine would in a normal sized, 750 ml bottle.