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Celebrate Alberta Beer Week with City Cellars

Since restrictions and laws around beer production relaxed in 2013, the craft beer industry has exploded in Alberta. Fast forward to 2021, we now have over 120 craft breweries in the province and take up 10% of the beer market share. And it’s not just about quantity - Alberta breweries have taken home Canadian Beer Awards and international awards alike! Not to mention that the craft beer industry is also one of the most collaborative, community-building industries in Alberta.

In honour of Alberta Beer Week 2021, we’re featuring some of our favourite Alberta breweries whose products we carry in store. Check out their website for some events happening near you this week!

Blindman Brewing

Lacombe, AB

Established: 2014

Our favourite beers: New England-style Pale Ale, Five of Diamonds Pilsner, River Session Ale

Blindman Brewing was one of the first in the province to establish following the relaxed production restrictions and has been a pioneer in crafting tasty brews ever since. They’re all about supporting the places where we live and the people who live there, and are committed to making local beers from local ingredients. Plus, with foeders in their brewery, they’re able to make some funky aged and conditioned beers!

Apex Predator Brewing

Edson, AB

Established: 2015

Our favourite beers: White Raven IPA, Rushing Waters Bohemian Pilsner

Born in the headwaters of Bench Creek in Yellowhead County, Alberta, Apex Predator Brewing was built by family and friends smack dab in the middle of Alberta’s backyard. In addition to their delicious core lineup, they’re always reinventing with experimental, limited brews and series. Plus visiting their taproom in the backwoods outside of Edson is an adventurous experience itself!

Sea Change Brewing

Edmonton, AB

Established: 2018

Our favourite beers: Prairie Fairy Fruit Beer, The Wolf IPA

Founded by a group of local musicians, Sea Change Brewing is an artist-friendly and run business. With a taproom in Edmonton and also in Beaumont, they specialize in easy-drinking, approachable beers for everyone, and are passionate about tasty brews, music and community.

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Edmonton, AB

Established: 1995

Our favourite beers: Aprikat Fruit Beer, Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale,

Edmonton’s oldest craft beer company, Alley Kat has always been a strong leader in the Alberta craft beer landscape! They’ve always been locally owned, with a team passionate about about making delicious (and award-winning) beer.

Town Square Brewing Company

Edmonton, AB

Established: 2017

Our favourite beers: Vertical Fog NEPA, Beets By Sinden Sour

Town Square may have a small brewery, but that has nothing to do with the gigantic flavours coming out of their brews. They have a fantastic core lineup but are always releasing fun new beers and experimental styles, such as smoothie sours! Located in southeast Edmonton, stop by for one of their pizzas made from spent grain from the brewing process.

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

Medicine Hat, AB

Established: 2016

Our favourite beers: Burnside Blood Orange Ale, Gentlemen’s Stout

Over a century ago, the Medicine Hat Brewing Company served old-fashioned lagers, ales and stouts to the local community. Now, the new Medicine Hat Brewing Company lives up to those origins by producing some of southern Alberta’s tastiest brews. With a specialty in producing timeless craft ale, they’ve got a beer for all palates, from their expansive core lineup to seasonal beers from the Brewmaster Series.

Dandy Brewing Company

Calgary, AB

Established: 2014

Our favourite beers: The Dandy Wild Sour, Dandy in the Underworld Oyster Stout

The Dandy Brewing Company has always been a forward-thinking brewery in our province, popularizing sour styles of beer and using local artists to design their labels. Started by four friends, Dandy will always be Calgary’s original little brewery, small at heart even as they expanded their tap room to include a full restaurant experience in 2018.

So start the Alberta Beer Week celebrations at home and pick up some tasty Alberta brews in honour of the craftsmanship in this fine province!

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