Celebrate International Grenache Day!

International Grenache day is Friday, September 18! So let’s learn more about this versatile grape that is planted in six of the seven continents and serves as the base for a number of red and rosé wines.

Characteristics of Grenache

Grenache is a black grape variety that needs a warm climate to ripen successfully, hence its success growing in Spain, the south of France, and Australia. Due to its red fruit flavours, Grenache is commonly used to make rosé wines that range from dry to medium in sweetness and are meant to be consumed chilled while young and fruity.

When ripe, Grenache grapes have high levels of sugar and low acidity. It’s a thin-skinned variety that produces wines with low to medium tannins with red fruit flavours like strawberry, red plum and red cherry, as well as white pepper and liquorice.