Chillable Reds - New Case Club Six Pack

Our short summer and long days are upon us! While the temperature may be rising, that isn’t a reason to ditch the reds and stick to white wine and beer for our warm-weather days and nights. Nor do we need to struggle with a bottle of big, tannic, high alcohol reds at barbecues and picnics. There are many light, refreshing and juicy reds that are even better served slightly chilled!

Room temperature - or no?

We have all heard the old adage to serve red wines at room temperature; however, this is a rule that was set upon well before the days of central heating and likely came about in France or England - neither of which are the warmest and driest of places! "Room" temperature really means "cellar" temperature, and depending on the wine, the ideal temperature can range from 14 degrees to 18 degrees Celsius.