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Craft Beer Spotlight - Our latest craft beer arrivals!

Puxatawney Phil says there’s six more weeks of winter, so let’s get through it together with the latest craft beer arrivals to our cooler. In this blog, learn about our latest and greatest craft beer arrivals that are here to warm your belly, as well as introduce you to some of the amazing breweries Alberta and Canada have to offer.

Town Square Brewing - Dark Satellite Baltic Porter

From Edmonton’s own Town Square Brewing comes this heavy hitter in ABV but lagered to a finish as crisp as the cosmos. The Dark Satellite Baltic Porter contains transmissions of chocolate, coffee and liquorice notes, made to be enjoyed on the coldest of nights.

New Level Brewing - Blueberry Pie Cobbler Sorceress Sour

From Calgary’s New Level Brewing, this is a blueberry sour conditioned on sea salt and vanilla. Tastes just like blueberry pie!

SYC Brewing - Kreature Autumn Ale

Sweet potato and fenugreek in a beer, say what? Trust us and the fine folks over at Edmonton’s SYC Brewing that these make a mighty fine backbone for a fall beer - not just ingredients for comfort food. With flavours of maple, caramel and biscuit, it’s the perfect treat for a wintry evening.

Strathcona Beer Company - Love Buzz Imperial Peach Cobbler Sour

From Vancouver’s Strathcona Beer Company, this is an Imperial Sour Ale made with generous amounts of peaches with graham cracker crumbs, lactose and Madagascar bourbon vanilla extract. Light in body with a tart finish, coming in at 10% ABV.

Village Brewing - Monk Chai Winter Porter

Cozy up with this Chai Winter Porter from Calgary’s Village Brewing. The first frost heralds the arrival of the seasonal Monk, a jolly, black brew with a stout body borne of copious chocolate and caramel malts. If you are a genial soul, the monk will sing you ancient notes of cardamom and clove, ginger and fennel, and mint and peppercorn.

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