Lodi BBQ Wines of All Kinds - New Case Club Six Pack

Lodi, California, located between San Francisco and the Sierra Nevada mountains, is famous for its ability to create world-class wines from rich, bold fruit. For this month’s six pack, we’re featuring Lodi BBQ wines of all kinds - roses, whites and reds - but if you’re new to Lodi, let’s give you the down-low before we introduce you to these fabulous wines!

Lodi History

Most of the winegrowing families in Lodi have been in the region for four or five generations, with their heritage tracing back to Portugal, Italy, and Germany, among others. In the late 1800s, vineyards were developed near the community of Lodi, and then further along the banks of the Mokelumne River. The area is an agricultural haven in both soil and weather; its classic Mediterannean climate has cool breezes that provide the region with natural air conditioning throughout the growing season. This climate allows Lodi winegrowers to cultivate balanced, consistent vineyards that produce delicious wines with full, fruit-driven flavours and refreshing natural acidity.