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May Ale-berta: Bent Stick Brewing

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this monthly feature, we pick a different Alberta brewery that we carry in-store to highlight their incredible brews being made close to home!

Our May Ale-berta feature is Edmonton’s Bent Stick Brewing. Started by four brewers in 2016, they began as a nanobrewery in a small spot in northeast Edmonton but have since moved to bigger pastures with their location on Happy Beer Street.

The four founders got their start at Alley Kat brewing – one of Edmonton’s original craft breweries. After leaving Alley Kat, the four partners went their separate ways to work in similar nano-breweries. In 2015, the group got back together to invest in Bent Stick. Their mission is to make small batches of beer that are fresh and high quality, while being innovative in their recipe development.

In addition to brewing great beer, they’re committed to giving back to the community, working with organizations such as CKUA Radio, Pink Boots Society and Boyle Street Communities.

Here are the beers we currently have in stock from Bent Stick brewing.

B.S. Wit

Bent Stick started into brewing thinking they would never have a beer around full time. Then they realized some people like having ol' faithful available and BS Wit came back by popular demand. It was the first beer they brewed twice and the first beer in cans. A Belgian style wheat ale that is 4.5% abv and they use a gentle addition of citrus peel and coriander to give it a nice snap.

Hay-Maker Wheated Pilsner

Bent Stick started to embark on the journey they called the "Pale Yellow Project" back in 2019, trying to find what they liked most in a pale yellow lager. Hay Maker's first iteration came out a little closer to a Vienna Lager, much darker than what exists today. It now is a beautiful golden yellow, the premium pilsner malts provide a cracker like body and the malted wheat gives a nice doughy quality that is held together with Saphir hops that give green melon and herb notes. Hay Maker started as an American wheat ale, but they liked the name so much that they slapped it on this beauty and are happy to hold it every day.

Electric Boogaloo IPA

Bent Stick has consistently tinkered and dialled in this beer honing in on a balance of wheat, malt barley and oats balanced off with the right timing on Citra, Mosaic and Ella hops for big notes of white peach, passionfruit and citrus. It's big at 6.5% abv but it needs to be to balance off all those gorgeous green hops! Super pungent hop aromatics; sweet n fruity flavours; Well-balanced bitterness, hazy; and finishing nice and dry.

Four Thirty PM Stout

A 4.5% stout with flavours of coffee, baker chocolate and biscuit it pours pitch black and has subdued carbonation. Bent Stick wanted a beer that you could have a couple of in Edmonton winters when it is dark at 4:30 pm because hey, it's dark out but it's still early.

Visit us in-store to “get bent” and check out these Bent Stick beers for yourself!

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