Meet the wines of López de Heredia

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

You learned about the López de Heredia winery and vineyards in our last blog post. Now, time to meet the wines that have given them international renown, and which we have received an allocation of at City Cellars!

The López de Heredia winemaking process has been passed on from generation to generation, and their daily tasks are rooted in tradition. These traditions, combined with high quality grapes and attention to detail are what makes these wines so special.

The personality and quality of their wines are influenced by climate, soil, meticulous vineyard care, expert wine-making and by the care they receive in the cellar during long periods of aging in oak barrels before bottle aging. López de Heredia is also well known for their old white wines, which can be aged in oak for just as long as reds. Though you might expect the wine to taste overly oaky with unbalanced notes and aromas, the additional aging in bottles allows those hard edges to soften to become a more polished, balanced wine, with a trademark bouquet of spice, bitter almonds, vanilla and walnut. And as mentioned in a previous blog post, the Tondonia Rosé is a completely different tasting experience than the average young rosé wine due to its additional aging in oak and bottles.