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“One for You, One for Me: Wines to Give or Wines to Keep”

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Meet our November monthly case club six pack - a discounted selection of six wines, each which are perfect as a gift for a specific person in your life, or, you know, to keep for yourself — we won’t tell either way.

This month’s case club six pack includes:

For the educator: Weszeli Steingarten Gruner Veltliner

Just like the teachers in your life, this wine is easy to love but still a thought-worthy gift.

For your top client or boss: Clouet Brut Champagne

This wine is a perfect thank-you gift for the one who keeps your work life exciting (or keeps you employed!), so here is an exciting wine.

For the in-laws: Lodi Wine Company Merlot

This wine will appeal to everyone, even your picky in-laws, and pairs well with all kinds of food (and discussion - wherever the evening takes you).

For your best friend: Casa Benasal Crux

Perfect for relaxing and catching up over Zoom or Facetime with your bestie - better get a bottle for both of you.

For your neighbour: Marchesi di Gresy Dolcetto

The perfect wine to thank your neighbours for watching out for your home when you couldn’t, or for simply lending you some sugar.

For the new wine-lover: Valseranno Crianza

Have a friend who’s new to wine? This wine is a classic Tempranillo from the classic region of Rioja, perfect for those just learning about wine styles and regions.

After a deep discount, this six pack can be yours for just $175! A steal of a deal for Christmas gifts or wines for you! Contact us today to reserve this month’s case club.

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