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Premium Wines at City Cellars - Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Every now and then, we get a super special wine that we can’t help but rave about. If you’re looking for something rare, unique or just unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, look no further than these featured wines!

2017 Giaconda Estate Vineyard Chardonnay

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia


While many people think of Shiraz as THE grape of Australia, it was actually Chardonnay that put the country on the international wine map! And Giaconda is one of Australia’s star boutique wineries that is on a mission to fly the banner for grand old-world chardonnays that have poise and sophistication. Located in the region of Beechworth, about an hour north of Melbourne, Giaconda is the key winery responsible for putting Beechworth on the world wine map. Mechanical engineer Rick Kinzbrunner first planted vines in Beechworth in 1982, and more vines were gradually added over the following years. Recent plantings have taken the total vineyard area up to six hectares, but demand still far outstrips supply for these sought-after wines.

Kinbzbrunner first became interested in wine in the early 1970s. He studied wine in California before working at wineries such as Stag’s Leap and Matanzas Creek. He returned to Australia in 1980 as assistant winemaker at Brown Brothers, and planted his first vines for Giaconda two years later.

Grown on an unusual, south-facing vineyard, which is sheltered from the full impact of the sun, this wine expresses a distinctive voice of place. The low-yield, organically grown vines are located at 400 metres above sea level and sit on mean, mineralised granitic loam over decomposed gravel and clay.

Annual wine production is around 3500 cases, of which the Chardonnay is around 1000. The Giaconda Estate vineyard is managed sustainability and carefully according to environmental consciousness; since 2018, it is fully certified organic by the Biodynamic Research Institute (BDRI). The winery, barrel maturation cave and bottling facility are all set up for gravity flow, which means the wines are very rarely pumped or manipulated mechanically. Instead, they are gently moved by gravity or gas pressure during the entire winemaking process.

Intuitive winemaking practices, a mastery of barrel work and a real understanding of the natural environment gives this Chardonnay a special place in Australian wine. Only 12 bottles of this wine were shipped to Alberta, and we have six of these bottles at City Cellars!


  • 100% Chardonnay

  • Fruit is hand picked, lightly crushed and then basket pressed - before being transferred to French oak barrels (approximately 30% new) for fermentation and ageing.

  • Aged in French oak for almost two years deep underground in a granite maturation cave.This cave offers optimal conditions for fermentation and ageing with a stable temperature of 16 degrees centigrade and naturally high humidity all year round.

Taste profile

  • Straw gold colour

  • Exhibits intense characteristics of white peach, hazelnut, matchstick, lime blossom and subtle notes of tangelo rind

  • Powerful impact on the palate with endless depth as you peel back the layers

  • Funky reduction then a creamy textured element followed by mineral notes of wet river pebbles.

  • Multilayered, fresh and elegant with tremendous persistence that finishes with strong mineral aromatics

  • This wine can be enjoyed now or aged for 3-15 years.


We price this wine at $164.99.

All photos from Giaconda Wines.

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