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The Perfect Match: Food, Wine and Beer Pairings for Valentine's Day

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

If you and your sweetheart are planning on spending the night in for Valentine's Day, we have some perfect wine, beer and food pairings! Whether you pair a bottle with every course or share one over a dish of your choosing, we have the wine and beer for you in store.

Oysters and Riesling

Oysters have been considered a natural aphrodisiac for hundreds of years, and the eating experience is sensual in itself. Enjoy your oysters at home with the Julius Riesling from Australia’s Henschke vineyards in the Eden Valley. Pale lemon with green hues, this 100% Riesling has lifted aromas of frangipani, kaffir lime leaf, citrus blossom and lime zest, with notes of bergamot orange, white currant, thyme and green peppercorn. The palate shows excellent flavour intensity with concentrated lime juice, grapefruit and white peach, balanced by focused and defined acidity, and a river pebble mineral mouthfeel driving the powerful and long finish.

Goat Cheese Salad and Sancerre

Another classic French cheese and wine pairing, get your greens in with a goat cheese salad and pair it with a Sancerre, which is the name for Sauvignon Blanc wine from the eastern part of the Loire Valley in France. We carry the Pascal Jolivet Sancerre in store—it’s a fresh and mineral expression of Sauvignon Blanc that pairs wonderfully with food, and has notes of lemon citrus, mouthwatering acidity and great texture.

Baked Brie and Gamay

“Beaujolais and Brie'' even sound like they go perfectly together. The smoothness of the Domaine Du Petit Perou Morgon Vielles Vignes pairs beautifully with the richness of Brie cheese baked with tart berries. Made from 100% Gamay, this wine has a full nose of fresh red fruits, lightly toasted, and notes of spices. On the palate, it’s well balanced with a slight note of vanilla, wild strawberry and blackberry. We can’t eat Brie everyday, so savour and enjoy it alongside a beautiful wine and your love!

Mushroom Risotto and Pinot Noir

The earthiness of Pinot Noir is a match made in heaven with mushroom risotto, just like you and your sweetheart are a match for each other! Our favourite Pinot Noir of the moment is from California — Presqu’ile is a family-owned winery in the Santa Maria Valley that aims to capture the true essence of its vineyards, vintages, and unique senses of place. This 100% Pinot Noir has balance and complexity that combines fruit, earth and the ever-present “Santa Maria spice”.

Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

Enjoying a medium rare steak with your sweetheart is a classic Valentine’s tradition for many, and the ideal pairing with steak is obviously a Cabernet Sauvignon! We love the Thompson Estate Four Chambers Cabernet Sauvignon for pairing with beef dishes, which is a Cabernet Sauvignon dominant-blend (85%), with Cabernet Franc, Shiraz, Merlot and Malbec making up the rest of the blend. On the nose, complex aromas of Red cherry, red currants and a spicy/savoury clove edge. Delicate red berry and red currant fruits fill the palate while ripe, elegant, well integrated tannins add structure. A long, lingering finish will keep you coming back for more.

Chocolate Cake and a Stout

If you aren’t big into wine or just want to enjoy a really stellar pairing over dessert, we love pairing a slice of decadent chocolate cake with the Toasted Coconut Chocolate Stout from Vancouver’s Andina Brewing. This dark and rich oatmeal stout has been loaded with toasted coconut and cocoa nibs giving it a real cold-weather treat.

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