Using oodles of Boodles Gin for a summer-inspired Spanish Gin Tonic

Gin and tonics may seem like a very English cocktail, but the Spanish twist on this old classic makes for a perfectly refreshing patio sipper on a hot summer’s day. On my second trip to Barcelona, after passing endless sangria patios and narrow wine and tapas halls, I stumbled upon a bar in the Gracia neighbourhood called the Old Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar. Any previous conception I had about a basic gin and tonic from the bars of Alberta (with bottom shelf gin and tonic from a hose) were forever changed.

To distinguish the Spanish version, they dropped the “and,” so the name is simply “Gin Tonic.” The other major difference is the addition of aromatics — these can be whatever you have on hand, such as citrus peels, fresh green herbs, juniper berries, peppercorns, or fruit.

Spanish Gin Tonics are also served in a balloon glass with a wide mouth to allow the aromatics to breathe and really come to life on the nose. And given the warm temperatures in Spain, there is typi