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Join us at this Saturday's Floor Pour with That's Life Sake + Wine

Have you ever tried Japanese sake? If not, here's your chance! This Saturday, October 12, Brandon from That's Life Sake + Wine will be in-store hosting a free tasting from 2-5 pm.

What's being poured

Nagai Tanigawadake Junmai Super Dry

Rice Polish Rate: 60%, 14% ABV

This is an aromatic, full-bodied and crisp sake with a long finish. It's balanced acidity and minerality will pair well with sashimi, vegetable tempura, or simply on its own. 

Founded in 1886, Nagai brewery is run by two brothers, who look after all aspects of the operation from brewing to bottling. 

Nagai Brewery is in the village of Kawaba, in Gunma Prefecture. Kawaba means "Place of River" and the Gohyakumangoku rice used for the Tanigawadake Super Dry is from this region (Kawaba). Water here is very soft, running through the many mountains and the valleys of Oze, before it is collected in Kawaba. 

Kozaemon House Junmai 'Goddess of Sake'

Rice Polish Rate: 60%, 15.5% ABV

This House Junmai has a unique cocoa/azuki bean nose and is brewed with Mizunami nishiki rice, grown by the brewers. The base junmai has been aged for a year before blending for complexity and fullness. Earthy, funky and full of flavour, it is warm, gentle and well balanced. Serve chilled, warmed or over ice. Kozaemon is made by a small brewery in mountainous Gifu prefecture, located in the central region of Japan. Since 1702, Nakashima Brewery has been committed to brewing honest sake. 

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