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Vibrant tropical fruit and bright pefumed aromatics, with a fine crisp acidity that runs through to a cleansing finish with the slightest spritz. An excellent finish to any holiday meal.

Alkoomi Late Harvest Riesling

750ml 23.99

Frankland River, Western Australia

A highly expressive wine with layers of violets, spices, exotic mocha, stewed plums and earthy currant. The fine-grained tannins are smooth and penetrating, and the wine is vibrant from start to finish.

Carmen Syrah

750 ml $26.92

DO Colchagua, Chile

This wine revives an ancient Alsace tradition that wines assembled from noble grape varieties were called "Gentil". Gentil "Hugel" allies the suave, spicy flavour of Gewurztraminer, the body of Pinot Gris, the finesse of Riesling, the grapiness of Muscat and the refreshing character of Sylvaner.

Hugel Gentil

750 ml

Alsace, France

Made from the grape variety of Burgundy, this agreeable red wine presents a distinctive Alsace character. Supple, with intense fruit, it can be drunk with charcuterie, red meat and cheese. Made with 100% Pinot Noir - serve slightly chilled.

Hugel Pinot Noir

750 ml

Alsace, France

This 100% Syrah is deep red with intense aromas of red fruits, blackberry, and red currants. D.O.P Valencia (Spain) where this wine is made has a warm climate with strong influences from the nearby Mediterranean. As a result, the wine is very dense and fruity with good structure and a smooth, long finish. Syrah, also known as Shiraz in other parts of the world, can be made in different styles depending on the climate. In cooler climates, it displays notes of mint and eucalyptus. In warmer climates such as Spain, it displays a much fruitier and jammier quality. The grapes for this wine are grown in chalk-clay soil with abundant sunlight. They’re then fermented using traditional methods for 12 days at 26C, but with modern winemaking technology. The wine is then aged for 6 months in stainless steel tanks. Try this wine with red meat, spicy dishes, and goat cheese!

Murviedro Syrah

750 ml

D.O.P. Valencia, Spain

The Villa Barbi Bianco expresses the best flavours of Orvieto tradition. The fruit is sourced from their estate vineyards grown in soils rich with fossilized shells and oysters. Careful fruit selection and concise blending create a fresh wine with bright and balanced flavours. Made with 50% Grechetto, 20% Vermentino, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, and 10% Procanico.

Decugnano Villa Barbi Orvieto Bianco

750 ml

DOC Orvieto Classico

Tempranillo Blanco is a white grape variety that is the result of a natural genetic mutation found in a single cane of a red Tempranillo vine, discovered in an old vineyard in Rioja in 1988. You can't find it anywhere else in the world. Tempranillo Blanco wines have a high concentration of volatile compounds with fruity aromas, and offer excellent sensory characteristics just like the red Tempranillo. They are yellow-green with characteristic intense aromas of bananas and citrus and tropical fruit, underscored by floral and terpene notes. Well-balanced in the mouth, with medium-long structure and persistence. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!

Bodegas Juan Carlos Sancha Ad Libitum Tempranillo Blanco

750 ml, $26.99

Rioja, Spain

Cinsault, one of the classic grapes of southern France, is most often found in the blends of the Southern Rhone. Dark-skinned yet relatively low in tannin wines from Cinsault tend to be expressive, elegant and perfumed. While it is fairly unusual to see 100% bottlings with a vineyard as magical as the ancient vine Bechtold Vineyard it must be done! The Bechtold Vineyard is located in Lodi, California and was planted in 1886 by Joseph Spenker. After 133 years of continuous production the vineyard is still head-trained and dry-farmed just as it was all those years ago. A special opportunity to try a wine from a truly unique vineyard.

Michael David Ancient Vine Cinsault

750 ml, $36.99

Lodi, California

An elegant wine. Red berries, flowers and mint. Lifted aromas with amazing structure and saline backed minerality. Teroldego, an ancient grape native to the Trentino region in north-east Italy, may not be as well-known as other Italian grape varieties but is nonetheless well worth the exploration. If you always wanted to know what Teroldego tastes like at its best without spending a fortune – then this is the bottle for you. Mention you found our Wine of the Week online and save $5.00!

Foradori Teroldego 2016

750 ml, $38.99

Trentino, Italy

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