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June Ale-Berta: Field & Forge Brew Co

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this monthly feature, we pick a different Alberta brewery that we carry in-store to highlight their incredible brews being made close to home!

Our June Ale-berta feature is Field & Forge Brewing from Innisfail. When Robert Bilton founded Field and Forge, he wanted a name that reflected the history and legacy of the Bilton Family. The “Field” portion of Field and Forge refers to the story of Robert’s great grandfather, William Shirley Bilton. He set out to find land to homestead in the 1890s, traveling from Ontario to Alberta. In Calgary, he rented a saddle horse, and headed north east. He applied for a homestead in Knee Hill Valley, several miles east of Innisfail. This piece of land has remained in the Bilton family for 127 years, and is now owned by William’s great grandson (Robert's brother), Leigh Bilton. He continues to grow prized malt barley, canola, and wheat upon this land today.

The “Forge” in Field and Forge is derived from Robert’s company, Bilton Welding and Manufacturing. Founded over 25 years ago, the company continues to grow and thrive today. Combining his family’s legacy with his life’s work, the name Field and Forge was born.

In a continuation of the family commitment to the Central Alberta region, Field and Forge is committed to supporting the local community by providing jobs, diversifying the local economy and adding value to agricultural products. Field and Forge supports other craft brewers, meeting their capacity demands through contract brewing to help them build their own brands.

Here are the beers we currently have in stock from Field & Forge Brewing.

Field & Forge Light Golden Ale

Light gold is the most precious of all the golds, and this is sure to be a go-to summer easy drinker! This ale will leave your palate refreshed, quenched and feeling regal.

Field & Forge Belgian Ale

Refined and aromatic, this blonde is about easy drinking as Belgian ales come, with a very familiar aroma and nothing keeping you from having a second.

Field & Forge Lime Gose

Light and flavourful, this seasonal release is a classic sour ale with a hint of lime and salt. Field and Forge put over 300 limes into this refreshing Gose! Give this gose a whiff and you’ll notice some of the sour lactic character in this beer, but also strong lemon and lime character.. The salty flavour builds, helping to amplify the lime citrus until it builds to a tart, small puckering on the finish. As far as flavour goes, expect a margarita-like experience!

Visit us in-store to check out these beers for yourself!

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