Pairing Beer and Food

Beer is one of the most versatile and intriguing beverages to match with food, yet the clear potential of food and beer pairing has been sadly under-explored. Fine restaurants may pay lip service to beer, but when it’s time to recommend what goes best with their food, they focus on their more profitable wine list. But great beer does not have to be exclusively paired with pub and tavern fare — beer can be complex and fascinating just like wine, and make intriguing pairings with food! In this blog, we explore how different styles of beer pair best with certain kinds of food, as well as some of our favourite pairings.

Crisp and Clean Beers - Lagers, Pilsners & Kolsch

Not all light beers are just fizzy yellow water made in bulk by huge companies. These beers can be delicate, effervescent and minimally flavoured in finish --but this doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer! The easy, refreshing flavours of these beers work very well with food by contrasting and complementing the mild flavours of some meats and carbs, cooling fiery spices, accenting the acidity and pop of citrusy flavours, but most importantly, they help to reset and refresh the palate with the help of carbonation that cuts fattiness. Think of them as scrubbing your taste buds between sips! With their light, bubbly textures and low alcohol content, they’re incredibly versatile for pairing with food.