Saúde! The scoop on Portuguese wine and food pairings

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Though the Portuguese introduced tempura to Japan, hot chillies to Asia, and tea to England, it’s hard for the outsider to pin down what exactly makes up Portuguese cuisine. The origins of Portuguese food lie in these ingredients obtained through trade routes established many centuries ago, as well as native, peasant cookery. Bread, rice, spices, pastries, sausages, and seafood — especially cod — remain the backbone of many Portuguese meals. So in honour of The National Day of Portugal, which is June 10, we thought we’d explore five classic Portuguese food dishes complete with wine pairings for each. The Portuguese wines we’ve suggested are all in stock at City Cellars, so taking that next step into exploring the culinary wonders of Portuguese cuisine is easy as um, dois, três!

Pasteis de Bacalhau with Douro Rosé