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The City Cellars Craft Beer Gift Guide

Whether for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, sometimes you just want to give the gift of local craft beer. While there may be the perception that the gift of beer isn’t as classy as, say, a bottle of wine or scotch, we’re here to say that’s simply not true, especially if you’re purchasing locally-made craft beer. Not only are you supporting local business, you’re also supporting micro, artisanal craftsmanship of beer that all has a story - not impersonal, mass-produced macro beers. Here are our suggestions of local Alberta craft beers to buy for someone special, based on their taste buds and what we currently carry!

If they like sitting on patios in the sunshine:

These blonde, pilsner and lager beers are light, go down easy, and may be the perfect “gateway” craft beer for someone who hasn’t quite made the switch from big-name American lagers:

  • Sea Change - Blonde Ale

  • Best of Kin - Lawn Beer Blonde Ale

  • Blindman - Five of Diamonds Pilsner

  • Bent Stick - Haymaker Wheated Pilsner

  • Dandy Brewing - Premium Lager

  • Apex Predator - Bohemian Pilsner

If they like hops and haze:

There are so many different styles of IPA now - West Coast, New England, Dry-hopped, Milkshake, Hazy, you name it. If you’re new to the haze craze, these bitter and juicy beers are sure to please:

  • Blindman Brewing - New England Style Pale Ale

  • Apex Predator - White Raven IPA

  • Town Square - Megawatt New England IPA

  • Sea Change - The Wolf IPA

  • Medicine Hat Brewing - Brier Park NEPA

If they like a malty backbone:

Maybe they’re a Guinness or Kilkenny drinker and need an intro to malt-forward craft beer. Here are some local picks to satisfy that craving.

  • Canmore Brewing - Georgetown Brown

  • Ale Architect - Balsam Dark Mild

  • Sea Change - Irish Red Ale

  • Dandy Brewing - In the Underworld Oyster Stout

  • Blindman - Triphammer Porter

  • Folding Mountain - Parkway Porter

If they have an adventurous palate:

Sour beers are widely popular nowadays, and can range in tartness, fruitiness and mouthfeel. If someone is more of a wine drinker, sour beers can be a good foray into the craft beer world. These are also great for drinking while sitting in the sunshine!

  • Blindman Brewing - Florida Weisse Lemons Limes & Clementines

  • Railyard Brewing - Sour Peach

  • Zero Issue Brewing - Innsmouth Mango-Passionfruit Sour

  • Dandy Brewing - Wild Sour

We hope these recommendations help - if you ever need help picking out a gift, feel free to email us or send us a message on social media. We're happy to help you find your new favourite craft beer!

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