The Importance of Beer Glassware

Just like with wine, different styles of beer are best suited to specific types of glassware. The shape and size of a glass will allow specific styles of beer to best showcase their aromas, flavours, carbonation, colour and head, allowing you to enjoy the beer at its very best. Let's learn about the most popular styles of glassware and what beers you should drink out of each.

Pint Glass

The most common style of glass that you'll see is a pint glass - either 16 oz or 20 oz in size (American & European respectively). These are medium, cylindrical glasses that have a moderately narrow body which open up toward the top. The wider top allows the beer to release the aromatics as well as give room for the head, or "foam" that appears at the top of a beer. These can be used for a wide variety of beer, which is why it's most likely what you'll drink out of at a standard bar or pub. These glasses are cheap to make and easy to drink from, but aren’t ideal for aromatic beers because the aroma will escape from the wide mouth too quickly.