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5 Must-Try Wine & Cheese Pairings

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

July 25 is National Wine & Cheese Day — which could possibly be our favourite day EVER. Cheese is such a classic pairing with wine, and certain cheeses with specific wines really complements each other’s flavours like nothing else can. To celebrate, here are five of our favourite Wine & Cheese pairings!

If you’re looking for a spot to pick up some of these great cheeses, check out our 124 Street neighbours Meuwlys and Paddy’s Cheese, head downtown to Cavern, or if you head across the river, visit Boulangerie Bonjour for some amazing cheese selection and quality (and great bread!). Any of the Italian Centre locations are also a great bet for finding many of these cheeses.

Sancerre/Sauvignon Blanc & Goat Cheese

Sancerre, a white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire Valley, is a classic pairing with goat cheese and is even traditionally served as a pairing in the region. The reason why this pairing works so well is that the acidity of Sancerre stands up to the acidity and piquant of the cheese, while the minerality of the wine also plays off the subtle minerality of the cheese. The younger, fresher styles of goat cheese have grassy and herbal flavours that pair well with those same flavours found in a Sancerre.

Lambrusco & Parmigiano Reggiano

Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine, hails from Italy’s fertile region of Emilia Romagna — the home to some of the most esteemed Italian food products such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, and Balsamic Vinegar! Naturally, as “whatever grows together goes together”, these items combined make for a wine and food pairing perfection. For a real treat, see if you can find 36 month-aged Parmigiano Reggiano — the crystals that form in the cheese with age are melt-in-your-mouth heaven.

Pinot Noir & Gruyere

The red fruits and earthiness of Pinot Noir is the perfect match for the nutty flavours found in Gruyere, a medium-firm cheese from Switzerland. They both have the right balance of aroma and complexity, without the risk of overpowering each other.

Rioja & Manchego

Manchego is considered the ambassador cheese for Spain, and the Tempranillo-based wines of Rioja are the country’s wine ambassador — so why not match them together? The rich tannins of Tempranillo balance the slightly salty flavor of Manchego cheese, making the perfect pairing to make you feel like you’re in central Spain. Additionally, the Rioja’s acidity cuts through the somewhat oily and fatty texture of the Manchego cheese, brightening and complementing both flavours.

Moscato & Gorgonzola

The sweeter the wine, the stinkier the cheese you need! If you’ve only ever matched pungent cheese with heavy, fortified wines like Port, the lightness of Moscato can be a great alternative. The fresh acidity of a Moscato d’Asti cleans your mouth of a heavy cheese like Gorgonzola, leaving your palate nice and refreshed.

There you have it — of course there are many more amazing wine and cheese pairings out there, so why not pick up a bottle you love from our store and create a cheese board to try out some pairings for yourself!

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