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Daylight Savings = Espresso Martini Time

This daylight savings is giving sleepyhead so it's got us daydreaming about cocktail hour pick-me-ups via the recently resurrected Espresso Martinis. Even better to enjoy at home JUST as good as the ones enjoyed during a night out. We must admit we remember when these were around in the early 2000s - Saltlik Flatliner anyone - and are pretty happy to see them back again.

The history goes back a little further in time and geography with the origin story allegedly being in the UK in the 1980's when a London bar patron asked Dick Bradsell at Fred's Club for a drink that would "wake me up and get me drunk". (We advocate for responsible consumption so no need to get drunk but can still enjoy). In these days they were also known as a Vodka Espresso or the more imaginative Pharmaceutical Stimulent.

Whip one up at home with the below recipe and don't forget the three coffee beans - which represent health, wealth and happiness - a little tradition stolen from beloved the Sambuca snifter.

1.5 Oz of 3 Olives Espresso Vodka

.5 Oz of Kahlua - adjust to taste as the Vodka is a little sweetened

1 shot of Espresso or 2 oz of cold brew

Shake, shake, shake it up

(Cheat sheet if you don't have an espresso maker - buy some strong cold brew to keep on hand)

3 Olives Espresso Vodka 750ml - $31.99

Kahlua 750ml - $33.99

In-store now at 10505 123 St NW, Westmount, Edmonton

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