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Dry table wines from sherry grapes - meet the Cota 45 UBE Paganilla!

Every now and then, we get a super special wine that we can’t help but rave about. If you’re looking for something rare, unique or just unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, look no further than these featured wines!

Bodegas Cota 45 UBE Paganilla 2018

Jerez, Spain


You may know Jerez as the home of sherry, Spain’s fortified wine. Ramiro Ibáñez, the mastermind behind the Cota 45 winery, has a goal to revive tradition and fully express the unique terroir of the region beyond fortified sherry wines. He’s one of the regions most knowledgeable winemakers and began this wine project in 2012, affectionately referring to his bodega as his “albarizatorio a lab for unearthing the best that the unique, white-chalk soils of Jerez has to offer. Bodegas Cota 45 is named for the altitude — 45 metres above sea level — where he believes the best albariza soils can be found, and the bodega is located in an old boat workshop in Bajo de Guía, a magical beach of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Historically, sherry was extremely popular in Europe in the 1800s, specifically England. But most of what was exported from Jerez was rich, sweet and not great quality — and none of the locals in Jerez were drinking that! Instead, they drank unfortified, white table wines made from a variety of grapes. At sherry’s peak popularity, these lesser known varieties were ripped up in favour of the popular, high-yielding (meaning they made more money) Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes. Ramiro’s dream is to go back to making wine from these old varieties, as well as making unfortified table wine from Palomino just like the Jerez locals (jerezanos) favoured in the 1900s.

The Cota 45 Paganilla, bottled for the first time in 2018, is an example of an unfortified table wine made from a grape more commonly known for sherry-making, and without the added fortification and aging process, it’s well suited to express the true character of the grape and the regional terroir.


  • 100% Palomino Fino grapes from two different plots - one on Tosca de Barajuela soil on the top of the hill of Paganilla’s Pago, and the other on the south corner on Tosca Cerrada soil.

  • Organic and biodynamic production

  • Grapes were hand harvested in early September and whole-cluster pressed into 1000 L Jerez “botas”, or manzanilla sherry barrels, for spontaneous fermentation with no temperature control.

  • Aged 8 months in these barrels, including four months of biological aging under flor.

    • Flor, used when fortifying sherry wines, is a biological (yeast) covering that ensures the aging wine is protected from oxygen and matures into a delicate, complex and refreshing wine.

Taste profile

  • Aromas: Lime, green apple, nuts, fennel, tobacco and licorice. Yeasty bread notes with a mineral touch.

  • Palate: Dry and full-bodied, but clean and crisp. Sherry-like taste (think apple must) with salty lime-peel notes. Amazing complexity - bright and easy to drink but powerful and concentrated.

  • Serve well-chilled, at 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.

  • Pairs well with seafood or other briny dishes


This wine can be enjoyed now or aged for a few more years.


We price this wine at $53.99.

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