Leftovers - What to do with that last bit of sake

Leftovers - A guest post by Mariko Tajiri

I have a confession. I am a food hoarder. In my fridge is a collection of bits of expired condiments I’ve collected over the years from different cities I’ve visited, way past their “expiry date”. Expiry dates are for amateurs in my opinion but even I have to admit that seeing some brined sansho peppercorns in my mom’s fridge from 2013 gave me a little worry and glimpse of what’s to come. (Note: they were very tasty and no stomach aches)

Even more problematic to those who have to share fridge space with me are the sake bottles that occupy valuable real estate. There’s no room for that third jar of artisanal olives because I refuse to get rid of the little bits of sake leftover from the Zoom hangout from last month (or was it 2 months ago?).

In order to justify my habits, I’ve put together a few recipes for the last few splashes of leftover sake that might be a little tired and need a little awakening. They’re extremely easy and open to variation depending on what you’ve got around and your taste. I refuse to call them cocktails or name them but you do you and call them whatever Sanrio character or Miyazaki film you like!