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November 9 is International Hugel Day!

Sample Hugel wines all day at City Cellars on November 9 for #HugelDay!

On November 9, #HugelDay will be celebrating its 10th anniversary!

This annual event celebrates the wines of Famille Hugel from Alsace, France. First started in the United States in 2009, it is now an international event - and you'll be able to partake in the tasting festivities at City Cellars!

Join us all day on Saturday, November 9 to for a free tasting of Hugel Pinot Noir and Hugel Gentil. Like what you taste? When you buy 3-5 bottles you'll receive 10% off. Crave even more? You can up your savings when you buy 6 or more with 15% off.

Tasty deals, tasty wines!

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