Rioja - Spain's Most Iconic Wine Region

Located in the northwest of Spain, Rioja is one of the oldest denominations in the country. One of the world's most recognizable wine regions Rioja has been creating Tempranillo and Viura based wines in the styles we know for well over 100 years and grapes have been planted there since the Middle Ages with wine having been exported to other regions since the 13th Century! Today it is the perfect intersection of tradition and modernity with a range of styles able to appeal to almost any occasion.

One key characteristic of the wines of the Rioja DOCa is that they are aged at the winey and released when the winemaker feels they are best ready to drink. This saves the consumer from having to purchase and cellar the wines themselves. They are also a great way to enjoy back vintage and older wines at very reasonable prices. We currently have Rioja wines dating back to 2010 for under $40.00 a bottle. Not too many regions can offer that kind of value and quality!