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Vintages at City Cellars - Gruaud Larose 2005

Did you know City Cellars is home to a few hidden treasures, namely some wines with a few years behind them? In this blog series, we feature a special vintage wine that we have in store, with information about the wine, the vintage, the producer and the cost.

2005 Chateau Gruaud Larose, Cru Classe St-Julien

Bordeaux, France


Chateau Gruaud in St-Julien, Médoc, Bordeaux, was founded in 1725, which is actually younger than many of its cohorts in the region. Four families have succeeded one another in operating the winery, and the family attachment extends to the employees who are in charge of operations. The vineyard is world-class, and benefits from the microclimate of Médoc which favours a lovely expression of the vine. The vineyards cover 82 hectares (200 acres) and are planted with 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc, 3% Petit Verdot and 2% Malbec. The average of the vines is 45 years old.

Vintage characteristics

The winter of 2005 had less rain than normal (-50%). February to mid-March saw temperatures slightly below normal leading to a late budburst. April was normal, but by the end of May, temperatures climbed rapidly continuing into June which led to flowering in great conditions. The summer was very dry with only 3 significant showers - 2005 was drier than 2003, but the vine suffered less. At the beginning of September it was very hot, but then it rained by the second week, followed by sun and little water and leading to a rain-free harvest. This was one of the easiest vintages in the past 30 years for the region.


A true Bordeaux blend, this wine is made up of the following: Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 30%, Cabernet Franc 5.5%, Petit Verdot 3%, Malbec 1.5%.

The wine underwent malolactic fermentation, and was aged for 18 months in French, fine grain, oak barrels.

Taste profile

  • 13.1% ABV

  • Dark garnet in colour

  • Aromas: blackberries, truffles, loam, sage, lavender, black cherry

  • Palate: Cassis, Blackberries, earth, black currant, tobacco, cedar, with leather and cocoa on the smooth finish.


Chateau Gruaud Larose is not a wine to be consumed young. It’s usually far too tannic and closed during its youth, and should be at least 12 years old before consumption. It usually reaches peak maturity after 15-35 years of aging.

This 15 year old wine is just now entering its peak, and can be drunk now or aged for up to 20 more years. It’s opening up to express its fresh fruit characteristics, and the tannins are becoming quite fine. It benefits from a bit of decanting prior to consumption to remove any sediment.


We price this wine at $169.98.

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