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Dry January at City Cellars - Our Picks!

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Taking part in Dry January and seeking non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst this month? Check out our picks for Zero-Proof beers, wines, spirits and cocktails to help you meet your sober-curious goals.

Non-alcoholic beers

It’s not just non-alcoholic — these are all CRAFT beers, without the ABV!

SYC Phantom Buzz

SYC is a local Edmonton brewery that was founded in 2019. This crisp and clean non-alcoholic pale ale is a beautiful balance of malt and hops. Pleasant light grain leads to a mild, clean citrus zest, finishing strong and memorable.

Phillips IOTA Hazy Pale, Pilsner & Pale Ale

iOTA was founded by Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. in 2021. They believe that the magic of craft beer is not defined by its alcohol content but rather the community it builds.

  • iOTA Pilsner pours pale straw in colour, with an easy and effervescent mouthfeel. The body is light, and malt driven. On the finish, smooth German hop notes compliment this even keeled and delicious lager.

  • iOTA Hazy IPA is low on bitterness & full of citrus and juicy fruit notes. Their house malted barley lends a hand in creating a smooth sip and helps carry that tropical hazy hop profile.

  • iOTA Pale Ale is light gold in colour, crafted for smooth and highly balanced malt and hop profiles. This delicious brew brings rounded honey and cereal notes, straightforward mouthfeel, and deliciously floral hops. This ale strikes a harmony between drinkability and flavour.

Bière Sans Alcool - Lime Lemon Sour & Smooth IPA

BSA is a Quebec brand dedicated to brewing craft beer with less than 0.5% ABV. They createtop-quality non-alcoholic beer for top-quality times with all your top qualities intact.

  • Smooth IPA is a moderately bitter IPA that won’t have you gritting your teeth. Aromas of citrus and passion fruit brought on by Galaxy hops. A lightly cloudy yet silky body. Smooth beer for feeling light-hearted, never light-headed.

  • Lime Lemon Sour is a truly sour beer. Fresh flavours of lime and lemon are softened by the sweetness of the cereal. Light citrus fragrances give it a summer vibe. Added bonus; it helps reduce food waste!

Non-alcoholic wines

Non-alcoholic wine has come a long way from oversweet sparkling apple juice! Here are our picks for non-alcoholic wines available in store.

NEWBLOOD Non-Alcoholic Shiraz

The NEWBLOOD team brings together traditional winemaking techniques with cutting-edge triple distillation to redefine what’s possible, to forge a new path in winemaking craft for the industry. One that delivers an authentic, flavourful and aromatic wine – with the alcohol removed.

Australian-made, NEWBLOOD™ Non-Alcoholic Shiraz is a non alcoholic red wine based on a classic Shiraz style with hints of oak, plum and dark chocolate. It’s deeply coloured in appearance, with an attractive bouquet of blood plum, dark chocolate and earth, leading to a soft and juicy palate with a velvety finish. It is lower in calories compared to a traditional shiraz and has only 2.4g of sugar per 100mls. Serve lightly chilled.

JP Chenet So Free - Cab-Syrah, Rose and Sparkling Rose

From Languedoc in the south of France, JP Chenet is renowned for its iconic curved-neck bottle that’s been a staple in the French wine section for years. With their So Free brand, they now have a growing lineup of alcohol-free wines. With modern spinning cone technology, the alcohol is gently and slowly removed without heating or additives. A small amount of purified grape must is then added to obtain a full-bodied wine with natural wine aromas and vinous style.

  • Cabernet Syrah: A ruby, bright, intense colour. A rich, complex nose of red fruits and black berries enhanced with spicy hints. This soft, elegant wine displays a wonderful richness of aromas. Its fruity and juicy mouth reveals notes of blackcurrant, soft spices and herbs. This wine is the perfect match with friendly meals, accompanying red meat, barbecues, as well as numerous cheeses.

  • Rosé: Pale and brilliant pink colour, revealing a high-quality light rosé wine with no alcohol. A nose full of small aromas of red fruits: strawberry, cherry, raspberry.

  • Sparkling rosé: Full of red berries, a sparkling drink with nice freshness and balanced acidity. Elegant, refreshing aperitif. Serve at 4-6 C

Non-alcoholic spirits & cocktails

Zero-proof, pre-made cocktails and spirits to make virgin cocktails at home are all the rage right now, and especially helpful if you have Dry January goals. Here are our picks available in store for ready-to-drink cocktails and spirits.

Sheringham Lumette London Dry Non-Alcoholic Gin

Lumette! was born out of admiration of all things natural, and a love for cocktail culture. London Dry Alt-Spirit is traditionally distilled using botanicals like juniper, lemon and star anise, to create a classic London Dry gin-like flavour profile. This spirit is meant to be savoured in a non-alcoholic cocktail like a gin and tonic, a sour, or any of your personal favourite cocktail recipes.

Sparkmouth Mocktail Mimosa & Moscow Mule

SPARKMOUTH Mocktails are packed with flavour and just the right amount of sweetness. Inspired by the most popular premium cocktails, they are alcohol-free and 80 calories per can.

  • Moscow Mule Mocktail: Inspired by the popular cocktail, this Mocktail has the perfect balance of crisp ginger and lime flavor, with just a touch of sweetness.

  • Mimosa Mocktail: Not just for weekends anymore, this classic Mocktail is redefining what was once the perfect brunch cocktail. Tangy orange coupled with a no-alcohol; fruity sparkling wine make this the perfect anytime beverage.

New Level Brewing Mocktail Mule Kicker

From Calgary’s New Level Brewing, the Mocktail Mule Kicker is made with real ginger, lime and mint to give it the freshest taste possible.


Sometimes all you need is something tasty and carbonated to scratch the itch you usually fill with alcohol. Here are our picks for classically inspired sodas available in store!

DANDYPOP Sour Peach & Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda

From Calgary’s Dandy Brewing comes their tasty DANDYPOP soda lineup. We carry two of their soda flavours in store.

  • Sour Peach: Flavours of fuzzy peach dew drops, this candy-peach nectar delivers a sweet and sour finish that’ll have your hair standing on end.

  • Cherry Vanilla Cream: Light creamy cherry goodness, this sweet soda is smooth as a whistle.

Annex Soda Saskatoon Lemonade

From Calgary’s Annex Ale Project brewery comes their lineup of craft sodas, and we especially love their Saskatoon Lemonade. This is the kind of small batch lemonade that you'd find at the neighbourhood stand – if you lived on the Saskatoon Farm.

Visit us in-store today to get stocked up on all your non-alcoholic needs!

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